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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will you remove moss from my roof?
    Our primary method for moss removal involves using brushes and scrapers to manually remove the moss growth from the roof. We find that this method is the safest and most effective for maintaining the health of your roof.
  • Will you remove all of the moss from my roof?
    We will remove the major moss deposits from your roof; However, some of the small moss spores may remain behind upon completion of our initial service. We care about preserving the longevity of your roof's health, and using excessive force to remove stubborn moss from your roof does more harm than good. This is why the Moss Treatment is an imperative part of our service, to eliminate moss spores from between, around and under your shingles and prevent future growth. A Full Service employs our Moss Removal and Moss Treatment methods to effectively eliminate all of your roof's moss problems.
  • What is included in your Full Service?
    Our Full Service includes the following: Removal of major moss deposits from the roof. Removal of pine needles and other organic debris. Gutters cleaned. Debris from gutters is emptied into a yard waste bin or compost pile. If neither is available, we can remove debris from the property for an additional charge. Debris Removal fee: $25 Excessive Debris Removal fee: $50 (requiring a trip to the waste facility) Chemical treatment application to eliminate moss spores and prevent future growth. Peace of mind and knowing that your roof and home are being well maintained!
  • How often should I have my roof cleaned?
    There are several factors that need to be looked at when answering this question including: How much sunlight does your roof get? Do you have any overhanging trees? Do leaves or pine needles fall on your house from nearby trees? Our general recommendation is that you assess the condition of your roof every 3-4 months and make a note. Home owners should spend time removing moss prior to it building up at least once per year and follow that with a chemical treatment one to two times per year. If your roof collects organic debris from overhanging trees regularly, we recommend a treatment service every 6 months.
  • Will you remove debris other than moss?
    Yes, we want your roof to look fantastic when we finish our service. Moss, pine needles and other organic debris will be removed when you have us out for a Moss Removal service.
  • Do I need to be at home when you clean my roof?
    No! You shouldnt have to take time off of work or out of your schedule at all. We'll work out a scheduled time frame for arrival at your home and be able to complete the work without you having to lift a finger!
  • What payment methods are available?
    We prefer check or cash, and also accept debit, credit card or PayPal. We will email you an invoice upon completion of service with instructions for payment.
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