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Roof Moss Removal

Moss, algae and lichen are a persistent threat to the longevity of your roof. If moss has already built up on your roof, it needs to be removed as soon as possible but also in a manner that does not risk additional damage to your roof. Our roof moss removal method does not include water or any high pressure sprayers that can cause your shingles to deteriorate. 

Here is the process you can expect when you schedule roof moss removal and preventative treatment services with us:

  1. We first take a look around the area to understand where we can most safely access the roof, and determine whether or not roof anchors will be required.                                                       

  2. We'll provide you with our assessment and discuss any problem areas that might be of larger concern.                                                         

  3. We'll get to work on removing moss and other debris from your roof.  We will utilize your yard waste or compost bin for clean-up if you have one available.  Debris can also be left in your yard to naturally decompose or easily be collected by your mower or rake.  Excessive debris requiring a trip to the disposal facility can be removed for an additional $50 fee.

  4. Once finished, we'll invite you to inspect the work and we'll discuss any other recommended maintenance.

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